class BasePagination

from rest_framework.pagination import BasePagination
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  1. BasePagination


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display_page_controls = False BasePagination
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def get_paginated_response(self, data): BasePagination

    def get_paginated_response(self, data):  # pragma: no cover
        raise NotImplementedError('get_paginated_response() must be implemented.')

def get_paginated_response_schema(self, schema): BasePagination

    def get_paginated_response_schema(self, schema):
        return schema

def get_results(self, data): BasePagination

    def get_results(self, data):
        return data['results']

def get_schema_fields(self, view): BasePagination

    def get_schema_fields(self, view):
        assert coreapi is not None, 'coreapi must be installed to use `get_schema_fields()`'
        return []

def get_schema_operation_parameters(self, view): BasePagination

    def get_schema_operation_parameters(self, view):
        return []

def paginate_queryset(self, queryset, request, view=None): BasePagination

    def paginate_queryset(self, queryset, request, view=None):  # pragma: no cover
        raise NotImplementedError('paginate_queryset() must be implemented.')

def to_html(self): BasePagination

    def to_html(self):  # pragma: no cover
        raise NotImplementedError('to_html() must be implemented to display page controls.')